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Aditya Detective's Nightmare

Author Name: Guru Prasadh J, Arihaam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

After finally completing a long and protracted case, Aditya, an investigative journalist, recalls about his girlfriend, Anamika, whom he had been too preoccupied to speak with. He calls her, intrigued by her mention of a remote area and her request for him to unravel the mysteries of a perplexing case—an unheard-of place to anyone else. When he arrives, all he finds is calm and serenity, a stark contrast to Anamika's description.

However, his quest takes a monumental turn when he becomes ensnared in an inferno-like situation. Flames rage around him, threatening to consume everything in their path. Aditya must emerge unscathed from this fiery ordeal, or else succumb to the relentless heat.

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Guru Prasadh J, Arihaam

The words written in this book are comprised of two individuals who ventured into various aspects of writing.

Guru Prasdh J., the writer, is a dedicated mechanical engineer. His fascination with science expos and robotics-based products has been a driving force throughout his career. With a keen eye for innovation and a mind brimming with ideas, he immerses himself in the world of robotics, constantly seeking ways to blend technology with practicality. After reading various books, he felt inspired to pick up the pen and ink the words that he had created.

Arihaam, the co-writer, is a college student pursuing her B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She has published various stories and short stories on Wattpad under the same pen name. Additionally, she opened an Instagram account where she mostly posts her poems and some of her book content.

These two individuals, each with their unique backgrounds and passions, have come together to create the content of this book, offering readers a diverse and enriching experience.