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Adventures At Amritgarh

Author Name: Aadi Mittal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

One day, When Aadi finds himself in the forests of Amritgarh he decides to explore the epic city, only to be mesmerized by the technology and its beauty. 
The next day when he finds himself at the same spot again, he decides to explore as much as he can. He meets the king of the city, only to know that the kingdom is hanging on the verge of its extinction. So, he decides to help them by bringing the device which can save them from the cave of the dangerous Mount Humanjo. But the threats are more advanced and dangerous than he thought so he will have a hard time getting his hands on the device. Read the book to know how he saved Amritgarh.  

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Aadi Mittal

Aadi Mittal was born in Delhi in 2008 and is currently studying as an 9th grader in Sachdeva Public School, Delhi. His first book is set in the fictional territory of Amritgarh, where he travelled in time in the year 2028 for about 50,000 years in the past. Because his mother is an English teacher, Aadi has taken interest in writing stories out of his own imagination and fantasy. He also loves to read books which set his imagination to the next level. His personal favourite genre of books is science-fiction, fantasy and adventure.