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Akhyayikas III 100 Insightful Zen Stories That Provoke Introspection

Author Name: Rajesh Seshadri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Strangely, despite the human heart's abject need for the Truth, which is the only thing in which it may find liberation, people typically react to Truth with hate and dread. Therefore, the greatest spiritual teachers, including the Buddha, devised a method to circumvent the resistance of their followers, through stories.

A narrative has the intrinsic power to mould, inspire, motivate, coach, and leave a metaphorical impression on our subconscious mind. Storytelling is and has always been an important part of the solution. In a world that is overflowing with negative news, sensational broadcasts and dreadful predictions, the Akhyayika series of books are ordained and intended to stimulate, enthuse, uplift, nourish and enlighten.   

This, the third book in the series, is an anthology of Zen stories. Thousands of epigrammatic, instructive tales describing the realizations of past Zen masters can be found in the Zen canon. These stories have been specially selected, edited and embellished from a variety of sources that constitute mankind’s spiritual inheritance. 

Pick any story at random – they can be humorous, paradoxical, multifaceted, enigmatic or tantalizing – yet every single one of them will offer a plausible perspective and varying insights. As a spiritual being, allow these stories to sink into your subconscious and emancipate you.

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Rajesh Seshadri

In addition to being a seasoned corporate professional who has risen from the grassroots to C-suite levels in a career spanning almost three decades, Rajesh Seshadri continues to don multiple hats – that of a coach, mentor, trainer, and therapist. His LinkedIn profile (https://in.linkedin.com/in/rajeshseshadri) encapsulates his corporate career.

He is a fellow member of the ICAI–FCMA, in addition to having a dual PGD in Finance & Human Resource Management. His enthusiasm to help people discover and unleash their potential, grow, and develop led him to learn various psychological tools including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Gestalt and Silva Ultra. He is a Certified Leadership Coach and Certified Life Coach and a member of various bodies and associations, including the APA, AAH, ISTD, AIMA, and BMA.

The author has often relied on stories in coaching, training, and therapy and has found it immensely invaluable, even to the extent of using metaphors in corporate meetings and discussions.



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