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All ABOUT Pregnancy care with yoga and wellness methods

Author Name: Dr. Monika Sachin Agrawal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman's life. It is a time afterwhich a woman doesn't only evolve to be a mother, but also evolves emotionally and physically. It is a time when the woman has to not only nourish herself, but also has to nourish her child in her womb, and has to consume proper, nourishing food for her own health and her foetus's health as well. It is when she has to be precautionary, while enjoying this beguiling journey for the next 9 months of her life. It is a time for her to learn the easier methods to ease this  process, and to further beautify the path to being the mother of a healthy, happy foetus.  Doing regular yoga during pregnancy is essential and beneficial for both the mother and the baby. It has been well-established in numerous studies that yoga calms the otherwise overworked mind of a pregnant women and helps ease the discomfort caused during pregnancy. Thus, we have came up with this book-'All About Pregnancy Care' to help make every pregnant woman's jour ney easier and more memorable, and to share the virtue of yoga for pregnant women..         "The changes in your body last for nine months, but the beauty and love will embrace you for the rest of your life....." 

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Dr. Monika Sachin Agrawal

 Dr.Monika Sachin has been in this field since year 2001. She has completed her Ph.D. in Yoga & Naturopathy. In academics, she had received Gold medal in Yoga & Naturopathy diploma in the year of 2001. After that she has completed DNHE, CIG and MA in yoga. She has presented research papers on treatment through yoga & naturopathy for menopausal problems, Migraine, Obesity, Diet awareness & other Gyne related problems and has also written many articles in renowned yoga & naturopathy magazines.   She is founder & director of Yoga Health Care Centre which is operational since 2001. The Centre was initially started in Jaipur and a branch was opened in Gurgaon in the year 2009. The centre in Gurgoan remained amongst top 5 Yoga Centers in the city and after running the centre successfully for 14 years, she has moved her base again to Jaipur in 2023.   She is passionate about Yoga & naturopathy and she loves to manage disease aspects using yogic approach. She was elected as vice president of INO team Gurgaon. She is also the author of international bestselling book (All about PCOS).  She is  ERYT500, RYS 500, YACEP and our yoga school registered with this alliance as RYS200. We are running successfully with yoga teacher training course for new student (RYT200) and many new courses about PCOD and Pregnancy Teacher training etc   Our yoga school registered with this alliance as RYS200. Yoga Health Care Centre is also conducting Yoga Teacher Training courses for new students (RYT200) such as Basis & Advance Yoga Teacher Training Program, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Program, Face Yoga Teacher Training Program, Medical Yoga Teacher Training Program, Ayurvedic Nutrition basic course, and many other important courses   Her first book on PCOS is best seller in all 3 categories , more than 200 videos on her own channels., podcast channel. She is a proud and loving mother of 2 kids (13 yrs old girl, 5 yrs old boy), wife of a corporate compliance professional, so she also has too many caps to wear on her head Connect on Insta handle @yogahealthcarecentre YouTube handle @yogahealthcarecentre @drmonikasachin