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Analytics for Business Success A Guide to Analytics Fitness

Author Name: Hema Seshadri Ph.D. | Format: Paperback | Genre : Computers | Other Details

Harness the power of analytics to revolutionize your business. 

Analytics is transforming the business landscape. All over the world, companies are using data to plan, invent, evolve, and gain critical insight into their customers, markets, and operations. The hype around analytics is well justified—but implementing an analytics initiative in practice is no easy task. Most analytics projects never make it to production. Even companies that manage to engineer a workable product prototype can stumble at the last hurdle and fail to realize the benefit of their analytics investment.

In Analytics for Business Success: A Guide to Analytics Fitness,TM analytics expert Hema Seshadri diagnoses the challenges that can sabotage analytics  product development and operationalization. With her accessible guide, learn how you can boost your company’s analytics fitness and make advanced analytics and AI work for you.

Paperback 1999

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Hema Seshadri Ph.D.

Hema Seshadri, Ph.D., is passionate about using software engineering ingenuity to tap the power of advanced analytics or business. She is currently a senior data scientist at a leading cloud service company in the Boston area, where she develops predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions for global network and data center planning, network optimization, and customer intelligence.



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