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Autumn Leaves

Author Name: Niladri Mitra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Aman is an unsuccessful writer living a miserable life with his bedridden mother in Kolkata. He has secluded himself from his friends Shashank and Devansh for twelve years in fear of the shame he thinks he would have to go through because of his substandard status if he comes face to face with them.

Shashank works in telecom company and lives in Delhi with his wife Tanaya and son Kaustav who is addicted to drugs, unaware of the fact that his father too was addicted to drugs at one point in his life.

Devansh is the CEO of a software company in New York and is on the verge of being divorced from his wife Niharika.

Suddenly one day Aman gets a call from Shashank who persuades him to come for a reunion that he has planned along with Devansh and in the five days leading up to the reunion all three of them tries to cope with their problems, their sorrows and their regrets while reminiscing their growing up days, the conflicts that they had and the girls they loved.

Finally, the day of the reunion arrives and they meet again but will things be the same as they were before or has everything changed with time?


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Niladri Mitra

I am a young writer from Kolkata. Writing has been my biggest passion since childhood and now I want to transform that passion into my profession, the first step towards which is my first novel Autumn Leaves.


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