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Be There for Kids Quantum Parenting Partnership for 21st Century

Author Name: Hari Prasad Bangalore and Kalpana Prasad Bangalore | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

Book 1
There are exalted and higher purposes to parenting. Why is the Creation interested in partnering with you in parenting and in your child? What is routine parenting? What is non- existing parenting? How to avoid negative parenting, hyper parenting or blind parenting? How not to feel the stress of parenting? What is special about 21st century parenting? Become the conscious and mindful parents.

All explained wonderfully. There are plenty of real-life examples. Book is filled with stories which make you understand spiritual and practical aspects of parenting.

Book 2
This is for parents as well as for children of 12 and beyond. The parents can break the book by simply splitting the book at the end of book 1 and lo and behold! The book 2 of 130 pages is ready for children. If you already have children who are beyond 12 years, you can spiral bind book 2 separately and give it to them. There is a separate cover page for book 

Exclusive and Unmissables in these 2 in 1 Book:

1. Exclusive 7 stages of parenting
2. 9 point charter of parents’ daily blessings for children. The best gift you can give your children is to constantly bless them. Instead of getting very anxious with some concern, just keep BLESSING them. You will not even be aware how powerful your blessings can be. They truly work wonders and miracles happen
3. Exclusive meditation tips for children
4. Develop 3D memory with few minutes daily practice
5. Wonderful sets of practical and doable tips for parents and separately for children
6. Special 15 point attributes for building the profile of the child 
7. Two separate list of more than hundred tips to empower parents and children
8. Food for soul – 24 soul stirring and motivational bed-time stories

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Hari Prasad Bangalore and Kalpana Prasad Bangalore

According to the authors, the present times we live in, are the consequence of parenting of yester-years - both good and bad. The only ardent and holy duty the couple have in all their life is parenting and the rest are small in comparison. They see every person is engaged in helping the creation.
The couple Hari Prasad  and Kalpana are social and spiritual entrepreneurs. They have ventured out to share their experience of working amidst children and parents in rural as well as urban set-ups. This was their routine some-times twice, some-times thrice and sometimes six days in a week and this went on for nearly ten years.
This was their inner awakening. Every time they met a family, the focus was immediately shifted to handling the  children by their parents. All the missing elements and aspects which have a potential for improvements have been registered. Only a life altering situation like pandemic lock-down, 2020/21, could stop them.

They took two years to complete the book. Yet, they went on to make improvements for one year before publishing their writing.
The couple is actively involved in the free breakfast program for village children as volunteers in Annapoorna (https://annapoorna.org.in), since more than 7 years, which in time has become India’s largest and best child hunger eradication program. The mission of Annapoorna is ‘Let no child go hungry ever’.

The author's first book. 'A MEASURE OF THE SELF' devoted a good portion to the important aspect of parenting.
The couple are settled in Bangalore. They have dedicated this work to the children of the world and have committed to dedicating part of the profits from the sale proceeds of this book for the welfare of deserving children especially education of girl children.