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Beauty and the Vampires One Girl Holds the Future of the Blood Empire

Author Name: Sukriti Jaswal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

What will happen if the entire world gets taken over by vampires?
This first book in The Vampire Saga is set in the 18th century when the Great Pure Blood Vampire took over the world and the human race was forced to accept the supremacy of the blood-sucking creatures.
He hands over his power to his two powerful sons, Lord Damian and Lord Nicholas. These devilish, ruthless, menacing but at the same time charming, elegant and extremely handsome vampire lords have divided the entire world into the Empires of Blackmist and Nightfall.
What happens when they come across a sweet, docile, charming, 17-year-old human girl named Mia?
Will that change their lives?
“The book was highly addictive and pulls you in like a moth to the flame. It’s definitely a hidden gem to be marvelled at. In a few short days, I finished and loved every bit of it.”
– Devon Vandeveer.

“Vampires... need I say more???? It was a great story that held my interest from the very beginning. I just had to know what happened next. Will definitely read more from this author.” – Mandy Calhoun.

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Sukriti Jaswal

Sukriti Jaswal is a dreamer who lives her life daydreaming throughout the day. She doesn’t live permanently in one place and is constantly changing her abode.
She has completed her MBA from a reputed college and is now working in the corporate sector. She is an avid reader and has been fond of stories, novels, and fables for as long as she can remember.
The library is a treasure house for her with its books being the gems and jewels that she loves to plunder. She loves to write and entertain her readers. She writes purely for fun and considers it a great outlet for her creative imagination. If she doesn’t write, her restless mind sees to it that she does!
She has also penned down a book of short stories for kids and a horror novella.



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