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Before Dawn Great Fortunes Are Often Built on Illicit Foundations

Author Name: Shriharsh Sonar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Unable to achieve what she aspires, desperate to be number one, Gemma, a newspaper tycoon and a ruthless CEO of a twelve-billion-dollar media conglomerate, with its flagship newspaper ‘Before Dawn’ contrives catastrophic events in order to increase readership and further her ranking. However, when she falls in love, everything changes, and she must sacrifice her world to save the ones she loves. This is truly a story about fake news that happens to be deadly, or better yet, manufactured.

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Shriharsh Sonar

Shriharsh Sonar, academically a Chartered Accountant, hails from a family deeply steeped in the arts background. His father, Dasharath Sonar, is a distinguished painter and an award-winning playwright. His uncle, Dnyanesh Sonar, is a famous cartoonist who was recently awarded a lifetime achievement award. Having had a flair for storytelling since schooldays, Shriharsh finally kissed goodbye to his twenty-year career to pursue what was closest to his heart. No wonder he calls himself a resurrected storyteller. 


While Before Dawn is Shriharsh’s debut project in India, soon, Shriharsh will introduce another four fiction books for Young Adults and children’s picture books. One of his Children’s illustrated novels, ‘Treasure Hunt in the Death Hollow,’ is in print in the UK, and a dark fantasy, ‘The Evils of Amazonas: Abyssfall,’ in Europe.