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Beyond ABC- Lessons from FreelanceBytes Stand out in the crowded industry with freelancing gyaan that won’t make you yawn

Author Name: Anmol Ratan Sachdeva | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

“A handy manual for experienced as well as noob freelancers.” — Lazywriter 

“Not random fluff, but lots of real gyaan you won’t find online.” — Writer Jugraj 

“Savior, at times. An honest friend & mentor, otherwise.” — Marketer Pragya 

But let me be honest with you — this is not a great book. Rather it’s a precise manual of thoughts, ideas, and philosophy that helped me take my freelancing journey from USD 50/month to USD 5k/month. 

But beware. This is not a get rich quick manual. The info and supposed ‘hacks’ you would find in this book are everything I have been practising since 2014. 

If you need a handholding manual to riches, close this tab and find some ‘guru’. You’ll find a lot if you scroll through Facebook.

Here you’ll just find information that would help you become a lifelong freelancer, without being lost in the crowd. 

If you want a slow but steady freelancing career, you’d have the nitty-gritty neatly packed as byte-sized chapters. 

And promise, I won’t bore you with the shenanigans. I have tied every concept to a real-life scenario (and even Hogwarts). People say I am quite good at it. 

So, if you’re searching for the ABC to succeed as a freelancer, look away. But if you’re planning to unearth some secrets Beyond ABC, this is something you’ll cherish for life. 

If you don’t end up learning one tactic, you can email me and I’ll reimburse you for the amount you spent (less than the cost of your internet pack). 

Not a bad deal, huh!

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Anmol Ratan Sachdeva

Anmol has written for B2B startups, content agencies, global B2C brands, and  even the government as a freelance writer and marketer since 2014. 

He started off as a ghostwriter on a freelancing platform just like others, but slowly built a loyal following (and client base) over the years. He admits he has never had a 'slow' or 'no work' patch in all his 8 years of freelancing. 

In 2017, he left his job at a franchise consulting firm to go freelance full-time and since then he has earned several badges of trust including a TOP RATED freelancer on Upwork, among others. 

He writes a lot about freelancing on LinkedIn and even has a freelance newsletter called FreelanceBytes.xyz where he shares about his experience as a freelancer in India.