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Beyond Love Like we are meant to be

by Rohit Shenoy

Format: Paperback

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A young boy has lived most of his life in the Middle East and grown up in a male dominated environment. Not only is he totally aloof from members of the fairer sex, even the school he went to was an all-boys school. The only connection he relates himself to, is the annual holiday trips he would make to Mumbai every year with his parents and younger brother. He completes high school and comes to Surat, for Engineering. He enrolls himself into a life filled with books, zest, energy, uncertainty and excitement. He convinces himself that he is going to make the most of the dishes on his platter. However, the Gandhian state brings in pleasant surprises to the lad and introduces him to the most beautiful chapters of adulthood. Is he moving too fast?! Will his life change forever?!

Rohit Shenoy was born in Thane, Maharashatra but has lived most of his childhood in Muscat and Dubai. He has completed his mechanical engineering from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology in Surat and has been working in the construction industry in Mumbai for two years. After dabbling around with casual articles, blogs and poems, this is his first full fledged attempt at novel writing. His other interests include cricket, sketching and travelling.

You can know more about Rohit by emailing him on rohitmshenoy@gmail.com, visiting his blog site

www.rohitparalleluniverse.blogspot.com or facebook page www.facebook.com/rmslntecc.



Beyond Love





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