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Birds that Sing! My First Poems

Author Name: Arisha Amin | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

As a kid, I always loved listening to stories. But how about reading a long story in poem form? It is actually a delightful experience. You need to read such poems aloud! Reading such poems aloud is always fun. You feel like reading it again and again! A few of my favourite stories are written in poem form, which is actually fun to read. You have to read them aloud with expressions, and you will love them.

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Arisha Amin

She was 6 years old when Arisha Amin, now 14, wrote her first poem, which came from her love for her pet bird gifted to her on her birthday. Since then, she started writing one or two poems every year, apart from short stories, and that’s when her parents decided to publish her poems. As a kid, she loved to listen to stories, and one fine day, she wrote one of her favourite stories in a poem form. She is an animal lover, but at the same time, she wants animals to be free. She does not want to cage them. Her favourite subjects are Art and English. She has French as her second language, with which she has to struggle a lot. She plays the piano and strums on the guitar when she feels like. A sportsperson at heart, football is her passion. She also plays basketball and lawn tennis. Ask her about her favourite day in school. Undoubtedly, that has to be the Annual Sports Day!