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Bliss on My Plate

Author Name: Supriya Bhagwani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

Forget routine meal times! “Bliss on my plate” presents delicious and exciting vegetarian delights that are nutritionally power-packed with the hope to contribute in making your meal times more joyful, without sending you on a hunt for exotic ingredients!

“Bliss on my plate” presents a unique spread of deliciously satisfying and uniquely interesting recipes covering soups, salads, starters, beverages, curries, daals, rice/pulao, sides and desserts; with each recipe carrying a note from an expert nutritionist about its health benefits.

It also presents a few recipes for a happy soul – a collection of heart-warming songs by the author, which reflect on what she values most – love, compassion and optimism!


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Supriya Bhagwani

The kitchen is a place full of possibilities for Supriya, a keen and passionate cook since her teenage years. The journey from an idea to a perfectly executed recipe, for that final prize – happy faces around the dinner table, has always fascinated her.


From experimenting with spices to being a globe trotter and churning out a cookbook, Supriya has experienced life in various flavours and has relished each flavour of life to the fullest.


An eager teenager who learnt from her surroundings and family, Supriya ensured happy faces at the dining table each day, while she played with spices, flavours and recipes in her kitchen.


She enjoys adding a new twist to traditional, favourite dishes and loves creating sensational new recipes. She loves to transform simple ingredients into easy, attractive, delicious and nutritious recipes and firmly believes that every new recipe should not mean shopping for new ingredients.


When words play with ink on paper, it somewhat resembles the play of spices, essences and food in the pan. Creating a unique combination through her recipes, poems and nutritional advice from the experts, Supriya presents a kaleidoscope of her journey through the kitchen and as a human, who puts love on a pedestal, making it a treat for the body and soul!



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