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Bonds of Endearment My Tryst with Japan

Author Name: Sujata Gokhale | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Immersing myself in Japan has been a lifelong fascination, and the exploration of the Japanese language only deepened my intrigue. The pivotal moment came in 2008 when I first set foot in Japan, courtesy of a generous 'Teachers' Training Scholarship.' Subsequent visits in 2011, 2017, and 2019, each tied to different assignments, unveiled diverse dimensions of this captivating country.

Japan's profound impact on my mind and its role in shaping me as a Japanese language teacher are unmistakable. The extensive knowledge gained during these journeys enhanced my appreciation for Japanese ethos, natural beauty, rich culture, and the unwavering national pride of its people. Beyond language nuances, I, as a teacher, wove personal experiences from my travels into my lessons.

The joy and wealth of information gifted by Japan and its remarkable people, including teachers and friends, are immeasurable. While I acknowledge an unrepayable debt, the opportunity to share fragments of this invaluable wealth with readers through this Japan Travelogue is a privilege I embrace.

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Sujata Gokhale

Enter the world of author Sujata Gokhale (B. Pharm.), who has been teaching Japanese at various levels for the last 22 years.

Her pursuit culminated in her becoming M.A. in Japanese. Yet, it was her firsthand experience of living in Japan that kindled a profound desire within her— to articulate her thoughts and insights through the written word. During her time in Japan, she also had the opportunity to promote and showcase elements of Indian culture, forging a meaningful connection between two distinct worlds.

Within the pages of this book lies a treasure trove of wisdom—a testament to the author's deep understanding of the captivating philosophy that permeates Japanese culture. Intertwined with her personal experiences, these insights will enrich your literary collection, providing a gateway to a the land of the rising sun.



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