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BUSINESS MAGNATE Why most Entrepreneurs fail to build a Successful Business? 

Author Name: Dr. Race  +ve  Kumaran | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

“BUSINESS MAGNATE” is a road map to entrepreneurial success, which provides smart, practical and forward looking ideas for addressing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in today’s business environment. It is a must-read book for all those who are looking for inspiration and success in their life and business.

Brian Tracy - Author, “The Way To Wealth”


This is an Entrepreneur’s Master Key to Success, created by the author especially for Young Entrepreneurs who are looking for Happiness, Success and Inspiration in their Life and Business.

Many people start their business based on inspiration and motivation from others or with the intent of becoming rich quickly like successful business persons around them. Such people are not bound to succeed if they venture into business without prior knowledge or experience. According to a survey, out of 100 people who venture into new businesses, only 2 per cent are successful, 8 per cent struggle to make slow progress and 90 per cent fail.The reason for this could be that such people are only focusing on their profit rather than looking at customer satisfaction as a core business principle. Sometimes they don’t even do any market survey as to why customers should buy their product or service.

Some venture into business with some basic concepts, a few look at business options to achieve their comfort zones, while some might look at business opportunities as prestige issues. It goes without saying that such people will certainly fail in their business sooner than later.

The author has decided to share his Experience and Business Knowledge with the upcoming Entrepreneurs through this book after careful analysis, so that young Entrepreneurs don’t face similar problems in their Business but to begin with the confidence and solutions that are already derived from the years of experience.


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Dr. Race  +ve  Kumaran

Dr. Race +veKumaran, the author of Business Magnate, has written this book based on his 17 years’ experience as an Entrepreneur. He had come across several obstacles and severe competitions in his Business life, but he successfully overcame those problems and is now standing out as one of the Successful Entrepreneurs in India.

The Author believes that the reader of Business Magnate, after implementing the System & Process in his Business, would surely be a Successful Entrepreneur.

Dr. Race +ve Kumaran has been conferred with:

1.       D.Litt. In Business Administration – Kings University, Hawaii, USA

2.       Ph.D. – Business Administration (Hon. Causa)

3.       The Majestic Grand Achiever Award, 2018 by the International Peace Council–  Washington, DC, USA.

4.       Baba Sahib Ambedkar Award– Universal Press Media Education, Vidyapith

Bharath Rathna Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam Memorial Award