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Caesura poetry by Varsha Bobbili

Author Name: Varsha Bobbili | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Caesura (pronounced see-ZOO-ra) refers to a break or a pause that occurs within a line of poetry usually marked as a period, comma, ellipsis, or dash. Caesura is a collection of poems. This book is quite a read on a pleasant day, if you want to lose yourself in emotions, you got the right book. It has selective poems on tragedy and love which makes you swing with rhymes. Written in such a way you can relate yourself while reading. As love and heartbreak is a universal thing, these poems are a representation of those emotions that we all have once felt. This book is an attempt to amaze your heart and indulge you in love, hope, joy and warm dismal. Happy reading

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Varsha Bobbili

Varsha Bobbili was born and raised in Hyderabad, India. She started her writing journey at the age of 19, Her genre is Tragedy and Romance. She attended many open mic events to recite her poems. She is working in Finance with an MNC, a technology graduate who studied Masters in Psychology and Masters in English Literature on her interests. Her social media page ‘Thoughts of 22’ helps her interact with many minds through prose, poetry, positive quotes and stories every day.

In her free time, you find Varsha reading books, writing or playing with her dog called Muffin.