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Caste, Conversion, A Colonial Conspiracy What Every Hindu and Christian Needs to Know About Caste

Author Name: Pt Satish K Sharma MBCS FRSA | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

Every Hindu walks through life carrying a subliminal guilt that his or her ancestors were "caste discriminators" and every devout Christian walks tall and proud in the knowledge that his or her ancestors helped to free the crushed, downtrodden from the depraved Hindoo caste system, and being an accepted "truth" no-one questions it anymore. What if they are both victims of the same deception, of the same multigenerational fraud?
Almost everyone has heard of the "Ancient Hindu Caste" system and how horrible it is, but what if it wasn't ancient and it wasn't Hindu? Almost everyone on the planet knows that the colonialist erasure of indigenous languages and ideas was a horrific chapter in human history, but what if it's not over, what if it's morphed into a new form, just as devastating and destructive, and what if the Caste issue holds the key to revealing it?
In 2016, the British Hindu community was rocked when it became the target of demonisation and dehumanisation by anti-Hindu Anglican Evangelists. Allegations were made that caste discrimination was not a relic of history but was present and not only present but rife amongst the British Indian community. The author Pt Satish K Sharma, a Dharmic Scholar and Theologian and a long serving community worker undertook the task of determining the real history of Caste and of establishing its presence or absence in the 21st century Britain. 
The revelations contained in this work were the revelations which incinerated the false claims which had been leveled, revealed the hidden hand behind the anti-Hindu media campaign but also provided the context and framework with which this long running civilisational wound could heal. This book is essential reading for every Hindu AND every Christian if Caste related suffering is to stop.

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Pt Satish K Sharma MBCS FRSA

Pandit Satish K Sharma MBCS FRSA is a noted scholar and Pandit of Dharmic Traditions. In 2018 he was appointed to represent Hinduism in Europe by the Council of Sages and Saints in Rishikesh and awarded the title of "Dharma Samrakshak" ie. Custodian of Dharma. He has appeared on the BBC and other channels numerous times and has established his credibility as an authority on the Dharmic Wisdom traditions. His passion for finding creative solutions to the issue of ideological coexistence and his experience of working across religious-identity fault lines continues to create change for the better, for all communities. His mission is to erase Caste Consciousness.


Find Satish at @thebritishhindu or satishksharma.com.



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