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Author Name: Guruji Sundara Raj Anantha, Aykshya Simrhen Raj, Pardip Kumar Kukreja | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

I highly recommend this book and hope it goes out to all educational institutions throughout the world. In fact, it should be on the global evening news so everyone can gain a true view of the sacred and respectful culture we now call India.

Jeffrey Armstrong - Author, Founder of VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts, Vancouver, Canada

“Not only a result of extensive and exhaustive academic and scholarly research on the subject, this book is also a work of faith and a sincere effort to clarify the issue of casteism popularly attached to the Sanatana Hindu Dharma.”

Guruji Anand Krishna - Author, Founder of Anand Ashram Bali, Indonesia

“Non-Hindus too will benefit, as they will realise that they have been misled into peddling a patently fake narrative from which they should dissociate themselves.”

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee - Author, Senior Editor, Columnist Mauritius Times

“Accordingly, the Gita provides equal opportunity to all and one takes up the vocation that best suits her / his qualities. This conforms to the economics principle of specialisation and comparative advantage.”

Professor Milind Sathye - Education Advisor, Hindu Council of Australia

“This book is a scholarly masterpiece which shall once and for all expose the prevaricators and calumniators. A great deal of research and hard work with so much passion has gone into this book.”

Raam Kumar - Advocate, Malaysia

“CASTE is NOT HINDU is evidently a labour of love and courage. Hopefully many will have the opportunity to read and discover the painful truths – irrespective of what our belief systems may be or what prejudices and opinions we hold dearly to.”

J. D. Lovrenciear FIPR FAPRN – Writer, Trainer, Consultant, Malaysia

Paperback 390

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Guruji Sundara Raj Anantha, Aykshya Simrhen Raj, Pardip Kumar Kukreja

Pardip Kumar Kukreja

An entrepreneur and a humanitarian who has created the concept of “Seva Gurukulams” in Malaysia, dedicated to provide education, personal and spiritual development, providing food and a safe space for children. He was instrumental in initiating TARA Foundation 21 years ago, which is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the upliftment of underprivileged families and children in the areas of Education, Economy, Medical Health and Social Welfare. He has been unreservedly involved and committed in providing crucial help and support to the community at large.

Aykshya Simrhen Raj

An Academic Excellence Award graduate in Mass Communication who is passionate in helping people from all walks of life. She has been instrumental in uplifting the lives of the Indian community in Malaysia with the support of her teammates. She is keen on spreading awareness and bringing forth the true history of Hindus.

Guruji Sundara Raj Anantha

Guruji Sundara Raj is a Yoga practitioner for more than forty years and has been promoting and teaching the Ancient system of Yoga to individuals from all around the world. He is an exceptional speaker who has influenced and changed many people's lives due to his knowledge in Yoga and shastras. He has also helped countless of individuals to regain their health through Yoga and due to his humbleness, he is loved by all. His efforts and contributions in spreading knowledge to the Hindu community is selfless.



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