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Charms Spell First Chance

Author Name: Lavanya Bhambure | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Anya Kenned had never given much attention to the ancestral blue pendant that lay around her neck until she read what was written on a cave wall. Her journey back home takes a disastrous turn.

She is hurled back by a few centuries into the prison of the Kingdom of Roosevelt. She and her friend are the victims of a dead Queen’s charm.

They must now help the Queen’s kingdom if they want to reach home. But wait! Who is sending the letters? 

Deception and mistrust are everywhere. Why are they being hunted down?


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Lavanya Bhambure

Lavanya discovered her literary skills in middle school. Amidst the chaos of urban interferences, flashes of deep insights entered her vision, outflowing as mature poems in human psychology. In a few minutes, she could easily write a two-hundred or three-fifty worded poem which her acquaintances from the literary world felt were outstanding. A bit of mysticism has always prevailed. After passing her 10th grade from St. Mary’s School in Pune, she opted for the science facility due to her love for physics and mathematics. In the pursuit of an academic career, she regularly nurtured her hobbies in English Literature and music. 

In her 11th grade, she started a new vista - writing a novel which is a part of a series. Her academics career in Physics influenced her novel in terms of science fiction like time travel. She logically linked her thoughts by some dimensionless link, conjoining the modern world with the medieval times. Her book is an amalgam of science fiction, paranormality and mysticism appealing to the intellectual youth.

She completed her book in a short span of twelve months and has already started on the second novel. As her story unfolds, a continuous curiosity of the future turns and twists of the tale will keep you engaged.