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Convergence Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality

Author Name: Radhakrishna Panicker | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details


This book gives scientific answers

Are you not the ‘same internal person’ throughout your life? Of course you are! Considering that, you will be the same ‘unaltered being’ until death. If so, who are you? The answer is: “I am the I-ness in me.” If this ‘I-ness’ in you is a steady factor, what will your status be when you leave the physical body?

Convergence is a book of factual findings based on scientific data that supports man’s continuity after death.

Learning about the ‘I-ness’ factor in us, will benefit our daily lives too. Through awareness, such knowledge will generate calmness, tranquility and peace in your internal world ­– the unsteady monkey mind. It will also empower you to deal with the tribulations of daily life.

What about reincarnation? Is there any truth to this popular belief? Grab a copy and welcome a new perspective to your life and beliefs!

The book is very readable and highly informative for the general reader. The author has done a creditable job of collecting information lying scattered in various modern publications as well as in ancient Indian literature. He has succeeded in showing that by incorporating some of the traditional views, how the base of modern science can be widened to offer convincing explanations on many strange and inexplicable subjective as well as objective phenomena.

Dr. C.P. Girijavallabhan (M.Sc-Ph.D Physics)
Cochin University of Science & Technology

As a practicing pathologist, I used to wonder how life continues with altered structure, function of cells and tissues. It is a mystery and miracle how this life in our body functions and the science I studied does not give me a satisfactory answer for many such questions, and thanks to the book, Convergence: Ultra Science & Vedic Spirituality, now I believe there is more to human existence than what we perceive.

This is a knowledge-packed book with good readability; you cannot put it down easily, that is for sure.

Dr. Hymavathi (Pathologist)

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Radhakrishna Panicker

Radhakrishna Panicker is an International Educator having thirty-five years of experience in various countries (India, South Africa, East and West Africa, the U.K, and USA).

He has authored four books in mathematics. Lately, he has developed an interest in spirituality and to this day, he has translated International research books on reincarnation to his vernacular language, Malayalam.

Convergence: Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality is the result of five years of research work involving his own personal experience on matters such as ESP and premonitions. The book also probes deep into the phenomenon of reincarnation and God concept.

He lives in Tripunithura, Kerala, and conducts seminars and lectures on spiritual matters.



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