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Creation's Creator Nature's Reincarnation - The Oath of Revenge

Author Name: Piyush | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Would ‘life’ hold any importance without ‘death’? 

Or is Death just the waking up from the dream called Life? 

Nature, the only child of Earth and Water, realizes the value of her being—her life as a creator only when death stands in front. But she is accidentally killed by her own mother, Earth. Unaware that it was an accident, Nature takes an oath while dying—she would take rebirth and wreak revenge on her parents for her murder. 

What would be her reincarnation like—awakening from a dream or enlightening the value of Life with Death? 

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We count ourselves as individual identities unless we go through self-realization. Now that’s a bit of a romanticized term, used by many and all for drastic and dramatic meanings and concepts of the dream called ‘Life’. 

But we scarcely dive deep into it and just learn by heart the concept written in the book or said by a spiritual or motivational leader. 

It took me almost three decades before I could understand how each one of us has emerged from the same source. It feels odd when we all, having the same origin, stand differentiated and strange to each other. It senses incorrect when we quell all our life for the search of our identity as a specific person though specifically of similar make. 

So, in short, I’m what you are—a human just like you. We only stand one line apart from each other: my ego and yours. If not, see me as you and you as me. We are not born apart, we have just grown apart.