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Curiously Wandering

Author Name: Prafulla Mannewar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Travel | Other Details

‘Let Talakadu be covered by sand, let Malangi become a whirlpool and may the kings of Mysore not have any heirs.’ Is there any power behind the curse?

Would you believe if people say that Narayanrao's ghost still calls for help, and the sound of “Kaka Mala Vachva” can be heard on full moon nights after his brutal murder 200 years ago?

Is this an alien spacecraft or ancient buried site? Is it a deception of alien visiting our planet during the pre-historic era?

Could this be an optical illusion? Maybe, the road goes downhill, but it seems going up or maybe, these hills have magnetic power and defy the law of gravity.

To find out answers to all these questions, I travelled to some of the unexplored and unheard places. Did I find my answers? Are these just myths and rumours? Read Curiously Wandering – a journey of exploring the unexplored in twenty-three travel tales.

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Prafulla Mannewar

Prafulla is an avid reader, explorer and blogger, who loves long drives and doesn’t miss out on watching a game of cricket. After completing his Master’s degree in computer applications, career dreams took him to Bangalore, where he is settled now and working as a security architect. He is fascinated by India’s rich history, culture, architecture, nature, myth, legends and haunted places. While he has travelled to some of India’s unexplored places, his curiosity and sceptical mindset resulted in Curiously Wandering. 

This is his first book on the fascinating, unexplored places of India.

You can read his blogs at

Connect to him on Twitter @prafulltweet or email