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Author Name: Akshat Pathak | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

The Joker, a hero turned villain was locked up in the Central Jail of Gotham 'Arkham asylum'. He had spent 7 years in the jail after losing and destroying everything that rose in the beauty of Gotham in a historic way. He killed people, murdered them, abused children and did everything a true villain does in his story, ruining the peace of the lives of the people living here in this once upon a beautiful city. 

His intentions in those devastating years were clear and they were destroying the peace of the city of Gotham just like it took away his everything from him. He tried his level best but still at point, he was unsuccessful because of the Batman's invasion. But still even after that, a small hope of rise lurked in his heart and maybe that hope was gonna drive him crazy, crazy until he perishes the city of Gotham into ruins. His whole life had been a true misery and it was because of the people of Gotham and so all he wanted to see was to "Watch the world Burn".. Will he be successful? Will the Batman stop him?? Or will he fortunately perish like all the other Villains do in their lives!? 

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Akshat Pathak

Akshat S. Pathak is a 16 year old college student, who is predominantly engaged in the work of writing Literary Fiction along with his educational studies.

    He resides in the City of Nagpur, India and is currently pursuing higher secondary education at Hislop College of Science, Arts and Commerce. His future ambition is to take up humanities and improve his artistic skills and abilities with it, alongside studying the field of psychology in brief. He aims to become an acclaimed author in the category of Literary Fiction Writing and is striving hard to achieve it!

   His motive behind writing this book was, to build a legacy through it.. A Legacy and Impact that would last forever among all the people in this world. His inspiration to write this book, came through the phenomenal performance of Hollywood Actor Heath Ledger, portraying this book’s character  ‘Joker’ in the Warner Bros. Production Movie “The Dark Knight.” The Actor was his ultimate inspiration while writing this FanFiction and paying a tribute to him was his ultimate aim..

   He is continuously working to write the Literary Fiction, which would make an Impact all around the world! His main focus is on changing the society through the works he will write and leaving behind a Legacy that lasts forever..

Born: 17th February 2006



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