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Dance of Duality

Author Name: Ishaan Nag | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

In this book, I chronicle the adventures of three perpetually confounded time travelers, celebrate a static, lull of bare existence free of discomfort but also ecstasy. The collection point fingers and blame, while also criticize that blame. This collection talks about high concepts and low concepts, outrage and mediocrity. But most of all, it tries to be creative. It is chaotic, it is warm, it is disturbing, it is inconsistent, it is rough around the edges yet its embrace is godly to whoever among you, the reader, it relates to. I wish you a pleasant, nervous, frustrating, fulfilling and subjective journey to explore our conscience, our secret love and fear, our metaphorical and physical surrounding. As a little addition, I have also included some of my primitive short stories for your entertainment and to remind me, it will get better as I learn to hone the art.  We explore our metamorphosis and stationary state of being, we explore both our murmured musings and our fearlessly shouted statements. Let us celebrate the contradictions in us, the harmless double standards in us, the Dance of our Duality.

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Ishaan Nag

Ishaan Nag is an 11th grade student and is continuing his literary journey with his third collection of poems. A journey which started since the age of 9 and continued ever since. Poetry was a means for him to understand his life, world and feelings. Building on empathy and exploring the duality of human nature, he explores the several sides which make us; the several different and conflicting dreams and perspectives which make our world. Ishaan takes great interest in society and does not shy away from expressing his two cents and passion about it. He aspires to affect his society using his subjects of passion-economics and politics, as his tools. Apart from his great interest in Politics and Economics, he is an avid reader and takes keen interest in literature and languages. 



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