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Days Unforgettable

by Dr.K.N.Guruprasad

Format: Paperback

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A bold and righteous girl born to enjoy life on her terms, Aranye has no qualms about throwing society’s norms to the winds.

When her carefree existence is rocked by the turbulence of a broken heart, she turns to her career in science and her mentor Pavan to anchor her.

However Pavan’s loneliness pulls her in and the mystery of his shrouded past deepens the allure for her.

And what started as friendship becomes something much, much more.

Few years later, Aranye is getting married but fate .....'

Fate however, steps in. And an earthquake and a tragedy snaps her back to her destiny.

Where friendships move beyond the accepted norms and relationships are shrouded in secrecy, everyone has two worlds.

One visible and the other personal.

But which one is real?

And how far will she have to go to find out?

Dr.K.N.Guruprasad holds an M. Sc and a Ph D in biological science and works as a professor in the University of Indore. Besides being a professional researcher in science, his interest in creative writing makes him strive to carve out a niche for himself in the world of fiction. He has authored a fiction book 'The Coffee Track' (published by Strategic Press, USA) and this is his second book.



Days Unforgettable





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