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Detective Kids

Author Name: Krishang Saharia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details


The kids are enjoying the camping with Bruno.  A strange sound on the moors frightens them and makes them suspicious. They travel up and down many times between the tunnel and the camp, but it is only when they find the underground tunnel: they came to know someone playing tricks on them.

Suddenly, Gandiel is kidnapped!

Would this mystery be solved? Would Gandiel be reunited safely?

Would the Kidnappers be exposed?


The kids find a new friend on the camp: Robert. He is a good boy. He has innocent face that makes everyone feel that he is very simple. But when Max sees him at midnight, he comes to know that their new friend is freaky! The kids find many clues.

Why is Robert involved in selling organs?

What is the truth behind it? Will the kids be able to unlock the mystery that perturbs everyone? Will Robert leave his useless jobs?

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Krishang Saharia

Krishang Saharia, a 6th Standard student of Delhi Public School, Risali -Bhilai presently resides along with his parents and sister at Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India.

He is a profound lover of music, sings songs and plays the keyboard. He is also interested in crafting things from waste material. As a child, whenever he was scolded by his parents, teachers or well-wishers, he would feel repentant and sad. He would write down an apology to later handover to the person. Slowly, this habit evolved into a practice of writing short essays and stories. His avid reading habit further sharpened his writing skills. One day, he had gone for a picnic with his friends and they were sitting around, discussing some topics of interest, while referring to a book. This experience inspired him to pen down his own thoughts and feelings. His efforts finally took the shape of a book, Detective Kids, which has two tales of adventure.

The author takes the opportunity to express his sincere thanks and gratitude to the Notion Press team for editing the manuscript and publishing it.