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Draupadi Demystified Facts Of Mahabharat

Author Name: Mahendra Arya | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Was Draupadi born out of the fire?

Was Draupadi married to the five Pandavas?

Did Draupadi make fun of Duryodhan when he visited the Pandavas’ palace in Indraprastha?

Did Krishna save Draupadi by increasing her saree to an unending length?

Mythology does not mean created myths! 

The present form of Mahabharat has been inflated by more than thirty times compared to what was written originally by Maharshi Ved Vyas!

This book clears up a lot of mysteries about Draupadi and Mahabharat!

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Mahendra Arya

Mahendra Arya is an engineer by education. Writing has been his passion in Hindi as well as English. He is a multi-faceted person, who writes fiction, thrillers, mythology, plays and poetry. His plays have been staged in Mumbai and he has played a character in each of his plays. His published books include thrillers like Facebook Friends and Tangents and a Circle. His mythological fiction Kaikayi – the Misunderstood Queen has been extremely popular among his readers. His book Facebook Friends won the Best Plot Of The Year 2022 award from the renowned publisher Ukiyoto. It is also being considered for a film by an established TV channel.

The lockdown due to the pandemic inspired him to take up writing as a regular hobby and he wrote three books. His latest work is about Draupadi, one of the central characters of Mahabharat. According to Mahendra, Draupadi has been portrayed as a woman who had five husbands. By any yardstick in India, this is an unacceptable position. Surprisingly such a blatant lie has been justified with imaginary reasons and stories. He has relied on the available research to present this book which depicts Mahabharat from Draupadi’s point of view. 



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