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Dreamtime An Anthology of Poems for the Earth

Author Name: John T Rankine | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This anthology is an evolution of genres of poetry throughout my life, and much of my life has been spent outside-either traveling or working in landscaping in my own business which paid my way through university. As I blended my research in colonizing species into my work, I found a unique way to observe my environment and the plants and birds and ecosystems that I attempted to re-create. With my travels and teaching overseas, especially through India, I found it almost impossible to describe the vitality and colour that surrounded me with a camera. I therefore decided to describe my surroundings with writing-both with poetry and with social realism. Thus, the term Anthology reflects the variety of genres and evolution of myself through the years, but also includes poetry from several friends.

I must mention Jenny Saulwick who was not only a muse with my plays and writing, but also a fellow designer in my business AECOS eco-design and training...

Two plays of mine were produced with the assistance of David Greenaway and Gemco theatre in the Selby amphitheatre co-designed with Jenny Saulwick and friends:

Alice in Search of the Republic.

The Lost Wind.

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John T Rankine

John’s poetry are essentially word snapshots taken of the various countries he has visited for research and teaching- from the outback of Australia providing the title poem DREAMTIME and poems of India, England and China. It is the story of a professional nomad who mixes his love of travelling by bike and train with his research. This is evident in the series of poems here referred to as THE COSMOS poems where research into quantum mechanics and entropy is fused into poems in this anthology. 

Future works of short stories of Social Realism are discussed inside.