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EKA - Rendezvous with your life forces

Author Name: ARUN BATISH | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

EKA – Rendezvous With Your Life Forces describes that a rendezvous happens with life forces every single day and you are the decision-maker to accept or reject these moments in your life and how ‘EKA –The One, Single and Supreme Sense’ helps you accept them in the purest form. 

The author has beauteously inscribed how these potent life forces residing within you have to be utilized in certain situations, and to have ascendancy over them requires a highly developed and adept mind with the state of ‘EKA’.

The book describes how having a more vigorous ‘EKA’ can make you understand the realities of life and understand the secrets of an ecstatic life. The authentic essence of these life forces and how they represent part of your experience of being in the world are explained. The author explicates how ‘EKA’ helps you understand the puissance that runs through your subconscious mind and questions arising in your mind by being exposed to the realities and secrets of a blissful life!

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Arun Batish is an Indian-born Writer, Corporate Executive, Verbalizer, Author and an Aspiring Politician. He has availed Politicians, Business Houses, Multi-National Corporations and the who’s who of Social Communities to efficaciously communicate their conceptions in the most effective words to the ‘audience’ of repute to them. 

When he isn’t working, you’ll find Arun playing extreme sports, pumping iron, taking jungle safaris and conquering snowy mountains. To know more about Arun and his writing, please reach out to him on



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