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Elucidation of Astrological Predictions by Saptarishis Saptarishi Nadi - Aries ascendant collection

Author Name: Madhivanan | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details
Saptarishi Nadi is a rare collection of horoscopes and their interpretations by saptarishis (seven sages). Recorded on palm leaves in poetic Tamil, the conversations between Parvati devi—the consort of Lord Shiva—and the saptarishis on the interpretations of horoscopes were preserved by the nadi readers of Tamilnadu, India, over the centuries. These rare original palm manuscripts are now being preserved by the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Centre, Chennai. Rather than listing the astrological rules, Saptarishi Nadi provides a practical demonstration of the art of prediction by tracing a broad outline of the lives of people, elaborating only on certain important aspects like marriage, children, siblings, etc. They even indicate the time of death of the parents and the jataka in all the horoscopes. They do not stop at mere predictions, though; they explain the past-life karma which have borne the fortunes/misfortunes people experience in their lives. They are kind enough to prescribe remedies for some doshas. The saptarishis are the authority on astrology. This book provides a rare opportunity to reverse engineer the authentic rules of Vedic astrology from saptarishis’ predictions.
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A doctor by profession, Madhivanan Panneerselvam is engrossed in unraveling the mysteries of life and nature. He strongly believes in the rich cultural heritage of India and is interested in spirituality, the Indian systems of medicine, and, of course, Indian astrology. He was intrigued by the phenomenon of nadi astrology and was fortunate enough to come across the Saptarishi Nadi collection. After extensive research, he realized that this collection could be the key to unlock the authentic rules followed by our saptarishis.


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