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Every Teenager's Life Read It. Watch It. Live It

Author Name: Janhvi Ramtekkar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Steffi was trapped in a world of mysterious unknowns, feeling isolated and unable to trust her peer group or confide in her family. She longed to share her burdens with her sister, Saraha, who was forbidden from being a part of her life. Even her parents, Padrick and Mestry, knew about her struggles, but Steffi couldn't bring herself to fully open up to them. Feeling desperate and alone, she turned to writing, penning down her full story as a way to find solace and make sense of the enigmatic events. Through her words, she hoped to regain control over her life and bring clarity to the mysteries that haunted her. Despite the isolation, Steffi held onto hope, knowing that Saraha would stop at nothing to uncover the truth and be reunited with her. As she poured her heart onto the pages, Steffi believed that someday her story would be heard, freeing her from the confines of her own mind and shedding light on the unknowns that tormented her.
Together they discover,
The past is painful,
The present is wonderful and
The future is beautiful.

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Janhvi Ramtekkar

JANHVI RAMTEKKAR is a usual yet unusual girl, among us. She is a teenager who is living her life with great ambitions and a vision set to achieve success in her life. She took a step ahead by being a ‘India Book of Records’ holder and a Harvard World Records Holder for the Youngest Ambidextrous Girl aka the Lady-VIRUS. She has been through life’s experiences just as we all have been, but what makes her different is the personality she evolves through these situations. In this book, she narrates her life, giving the reader a sense of confidence that yes, we will go through, live through and evolve through whatever life throws at us. And yes, not to be missed, she is also on the ladder to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer too. Sounds interesting right? Well, that’s how interesting the book is!