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Author Name: Gopalpur Nagendrappa | Format: Paperback | Genre : Technology & Engineering | Other Details

A lady told me not to use hand sanitiser because it contains chemicals. She was trying to convey that the sanitiser was harmful to health. A survey in 2010 in Britain found that 52% of women and 37% of men ask for “chemical-free” personal products. Bombay High Court, in a 2010 taxation legal case, declared that “steam is not a chemical.” Royal Society of Chemistry, in the same year, announced a reward of One Million Pounds, for a product which does not contain a chemical. It has not been claimed by anyone so far. Most people, including some of the educated ones, are ignorant or confused as to the fact that things we use in our homes are made up of chemicals. This book attempts to remove such misunderstanding that chemicals, in general, are bad or toxic...

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Gopalpur Nagendrappa

Gopalpur Nagendrappa obtained a BSc degree from the University of Mysore and an MSc degree from Bangalore University, securing the first rank in both, followed by a PhD degree in organic chemistry from IIT, Kanpur, in 1970. He did postdoctoral research in Germany with the support of DAAD and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and in the USA as an NIH fellow. He started his professional career in 1973 as associate professor and HOD of Chemistry at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, moved to Bangalore University in 1985 and retired there as professor of organic chemistry in 2003, continued his teaching and research activity as visiting professor. He revisited Germany several times as visiting scientist under various programmes, during his service. Then he worked for two years as a professor and head of the department of medicinal chemistry at SRU, Chennai. After coming back to Bangalore, he joined Jain University where he was engaged in teaching and research, till 2019. He has guided 16 students for their PhD work, published about >125 research papers and scientific articles in synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry and more than thirty articles related to chemistry education including short biographies of eminent chemists. He has been on the editorial board of Resonance – Journal of Science Education jointly published by the Indian Academy of Sciences and Springer. He has authored three books on illustrious chemists (two in Kannada and one in English). Apart from teaching and guiding research, he is serving the cause of education in other ways too, he has been part of the JSS Foundation for Science and Society, as secretary of the SJR Education Society, Bangalore and as the chief editor of KAAS News, an in-house science journal of KAAS.