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Finding Paradise

Author Name: Aditi Narania | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

In order to escape the nuclear war that has broken out in 2018, an incongruous group of families are transported back in time, aided by their relatives doing scientific research, in an unauthorised operation. 

Due to an unfortunate error, the year is switched from 1941 to 1491, five centuries too early.

Join these characters in the Bahamas in Finding Paradise, as they attempt to live long, peaceful lives, with minimal camping gear and a glaring lack of survival skills. As they are tested physically, mentally and emotionally by nature, will their search for a perfect paradise be successful?

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Aditi Narania

Aditi Narania, a young college student passionate about storytelling, has lived and loved the fictional worlds of her favourite novels and the bed-time stories she had heard as a child. 

Having explored the various approaches to telling a story, from theatre, dance, art and music, she has discovered her favourite ones to be reading and writing.

While she would choose books over movies any day of the week, her interest in cinematography and filmmaking occasionally results in scenes in her story being written as if the characters were being followed around by a camera.

She often takes her own experiences and observations and turns them into deeper and more meaningful concepts, which eventually lead to a new story. A light hearted narrative on the surface, can actually hold a much greater meaning, depending on the reader’s interpretation.

She enjoys telling stories based on her unique perception of life, with the hope of inspiring others with her work.