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Finding Your Own Universe Simple and Practical Advice on How to Discover, Nurture & Preserve Your Personal Universe

Author Name: Vishal V Dhingra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

In this era of information overflow, we often forget to connect with ourselves. People of Gen Z, especially, have the world at their fingertips, but there are certain questions that even Google fails to answer for them. This book is an attempt to share answers to some of those questions.

In this book, the author introduces a special universe that is unique and very personal to each one of us. Yes, everyone has their own personal universe, but unfortunately, very few are aware of their personal universe, and even those who are tend to overlook it and focus on other, unimportant things.

This book is a step-by-step guide to observe, nurture and preserve your universe. During this process you will come closer to yourself and gain the power to make changes that are important for your growth and success.

The book is divided into three parts where the author offers simple yet practical guidance on how each one of us can find our own universe and make it favourable, so that it will help us achieve all that we desire.

What this book is not: a preachy self-help book that will bore you with what you already know.

It is a friend that hopes to inspire you to achieve your dreams, however silly they may look to the world.

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Vishal V Dhingra

Vishal is a keen explorer who is always found searching for and talking about new ideas. He loves meeting new people and listening to their stories, and visiting new places. Being an entrepreneur, Vishal never imagined that his interest in self-help and spirituality would turn him into an author super soon. Raised in a simple middle-class family of hard-workers and people lovers, Vishal is a firm believer of serving humanity in whatever small way he can. He has tried to do the same through this book, ‘Finding YOU’, his first but certainly not his last. He understands the problems faced by Generation Z as he is one amongst them and through this book he has tried to solve some of those problems with simple yet life-changing examples from real life.

Instagram: @vishaldhingra6