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Flickering Flames An Anthology of Poems and Short Stories

Author Name: Advaya, Advika, Ananya, Anika, Anushka, Ashna, Jayde, Lavanya, Pareesa, Rashmin, Riva, Samiksha, Tejasee | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A scream from the mysterious room 37 gives the school detectives a chance to use their skills. A visit from the grandparents creates havoc in the Chatterjee home. A fashion designer explores her version of the history of the world – through limericks!

Beauty, humour, mystery, and adventure: Flickering Flames has all these and more. This unique anthology, penned by children aged 11-13, is a mixed bag of fun, heartbreak, laughter, and suspense.


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Advaya, Advika, Ananya, Anika, Anushka, Ashna, Jayde, Lavanya, Pareesa, Rashmin, Riva, Samiksha, Tejasee

Advaya Venbakkam is an 11-year-old girl who studies in St. Mary’s School. She likes to read books and play badminton. Her favourite subject is Maths, and her dream is to become an architect.

Advika Dhar loves music, books and junk food. She dislikes Maths with a fiery passion and her one goal is to study in Harvard. Or Oxford. Or any prestigious place, really.

Ananya Banerjee is a 12-year-old girl. She developed her love for writing when she was nine years old. The first story she wrote was called ‘Rosie’s Day’, which she wrote when she was in Class III, while waiting in her school lunch shed.

Anika Garg is a 13-year-old student who likes writing children’s books as well as reading them. Some of her hobbies include doodling, dancing, playing the keyboard, reading, and, of course, writing.

Anushka Shinde is 12 years old. Her hobbies include playing the piano, sports, writing and listening to music. Anushka loves Chemistry and wants to be a scientist when she grows up.

Ashna Bhavnagarwalla is an 11-year-old girl and is a part of the Writers' Club at St. Mary's School, Pune. She likes to write as a hobby and is honoured that her work has been selected to be published along with that of many others. She enjoys writing and reading stories in her free time.

Jayde MacFarland is a 13-year-old girl, who loves writing, listening to music, singing, playing the piano and acting. She loves studying History but dislikes studying Hindi. When she grows up, she wants to become an actor and an author.

Lavanya Dua is an 11-year-old girl, who enjoys writing, drawing, dancing and singing. She dreams of becoming a good writer in the future.

Pareesa Irani currently lives in India, and is an amateur author who wishes to write funny, dark or psychological books. She mainly focuses on funny books. Make sure you don't annoy her. But do give her animals. She'd appreciate that.

Rashmin Kaur Juneja enjoys reading, writing, listening to energetic music and playing the violin. Her ambition is to become a successful astronaut, as she feels that space is the most fascinating place. She likes exploring new places and meeting new people (perhaps aliens!). She is a big, big, big Potter fan and likes reading books by Enid Blyton as well.

Riva Verma is a seventh grade student at St. Mary’s School, Pune. She has a passion for writing, music, writing music, art and robotics. Soon, she hopes to be publishing novels and directing animated movies based on all her stories: novels and short stories!

Samiksha Deshpande is a member of the Writers’ Club who focuses on humorous stories and thrillers. She is also a roller skater whose other hobbies include sports, reading books and playing the violin. She loves chemistry and physics, the Avengers, Harry Potter and Serena Williams. Her ambition in life is to become an army doctor.

Tejasee Khurjekar is an 11-year-old, who loves to read books. She likes writing stories and poems, and is happy to be a part of the Writers’ Club. She likes to swim and she adores movies. She also loves art and baking.