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Galatea and a Dozen

Author Name: Onkar Narayan Korgaonkar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Craving perfection, the new age Pygmalion sculpts Galatea. But is this thirst worth quenching? What cost will the sculptor have to pay for perfection?

Can Miss Hap’s luck guarantee her success or she needs something more?

Do great ideas make great entrepreneurs? 

What makes a mango sweet? 

What happens when a man, literally without dream, suddenly starts dreaming?

Do our canine friends have any biography worth sharing?

Will Keshav be able to reunite with his brother and save their home in heavenly rain forest?

Some people say that the truth is simple, while some say that it’s complex with a multitude of versions, but its discovery is always phenomenal and moving, sometimes settling, sometimes unsettling…

This book is an anthology of such thirteen stories, mirroring our lives and trying to excavate the truth buried deep inside.


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Onkar Narayan Korgaonkar

Onkar wrote his first story in school days in his mother tongue and medium of education, Marathi. That remained his first and only attempt for a while. He wrote poems and rhymes without any intention of publishing but simply as a way of his expression, in Marathi and  English, until he was struck with a story idea. He wrote that story and then continued further. This is for the first time, he decided to publish his work.

When not writing, Onkar works in IT as business consultant focusing on innovations, plays around technology stuff, indulges in reading, sketching, or watching good movies and series. He feels passionate about the beauty in creations. He enjoys creativity. Onkar was born and brought up in beautiful city of Kolhapur and then moved to the cultural capital Pune. He has worked across the ocean for considerable period, in the USA, the land of opportunity, and in Switzerland, the heaven on the earth. He is a computer engineer, who graduated from IIM Calcutta, a monastery that liberates the willing ones.