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Golf and Life The Past is in Your Head and the Future is in Your Hands

Author Name: Major General Anil Sengar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

“There are two ways to win a golf tournament. The golfing way or the Taliban way, i.e. either shoot the lowest score or shoot the rest of the field dead. The second is easier, but that is not a choice for you and me. In life, you always have the power to choose which ball to play, and that makes all the difference.”

Both golf and life must be productive and fun. This book is all about ‘How does one do it?’.

After four decades on the golf course and six of life, I could describe both as a combination of great, good, bad and ugly. I believe it would be no different for most. I realise, while that won’t change too much, they can be fun, no matter what. It's all up to you.

Golf is not a hole in one place and life is not a sprint; both are full of intangibles. Neither is the fairway a level playing surface nor is life. Yet, some excel more often than others. Of those, some seem to enjoy the grind and some do not. And, that is not about talent alone.

This book derives life’s lessons from golf. It covers varied aspects covered in five Parts and 19 Holes. It also includes brief, life-changing aspects of self-development and leadership, subjects on which I have written five books that continue to transform lives. While Part IV is on leadership, Part V deals with Kay El’s resolution to make a difference in society for the better, Ekla Chalo re. 

Paradoxically, this book is both hilarious and serious at the same time. Like the greens, the business end is serious, but the walk through the fairways is fun and energising. It guarantees a chuckle and helps you become a smarter and a happier version of yourself. You have just one life, make sure it is fun, no matter what.

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Major General Anil Sengar

 Major General Anil Sengar, an army veteran, has had an inspirational career on all counts. He is a recipient of the ‘Sword of Honour’ and the ‘Gold Medal’ at the Indian Military Academy in 1979. He is an M. Phil. in Social Sciences and Public Administration from IIPA, New Delhi, where he was awarded the ‘Gold Medal for All-Round Excellence’.

He packs a huge amount of experience having been in varied combat and foreign assignments. As a soldier and a leader, he has left a legacy that continues to inspire the next generation well after his curtains were drawn. Decorated for excellence in combat leadership, he was also awarded the Medal of Honour, Silver Degree, by the Government of Lebanon, when posted as the Defence Attaché to Turkey accredited to Syria and Lebanon. 

He believes that a graveyard is the richest place of regrets and untapped intellectual brilliance. He has chosen to die empty by pledging to donate his organs and sharing his unique experiences through five popular books on military humour, self-development and leadership for posterity.

A serious professional, he is a fun-loving character with a sharp wit. Through this book, he presents a hilarious journey over 19 Holes to make your golf and life more purposeful and fun.

A diehard soldier at heart, he is a passionate motivational speaker and a prolific writer.



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