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Great Indian Sant

Author Name: Manoj Dole | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Indian religions , especially Hinduism , Jainism , Sikhism and Buddhism , the saintly man is revered as "truth-exemplary" for his knowledge of "self , truth and reality". In Sikhism it is used to describe human beings who have attained spiritual enlightenment and divine wisdom and power by uniting with God.

A saint has an important place in the life of a devotee. The importance of a saint is also mentioned in Hindu scriptures. According to Hindu scriptures, by taking refuge in a true saint and performing devotional service according to the scriptures, the worshiper becomes free from the diseases of birth and death. The identity of a true saint has also been told in the holy scriptures of Hinduism that a true saint will have complete knowledge of all the holy scriptures and will take diksha three times in the name of three types of mantras.

A saint , a theologian or a bhagat is any human being who has attained God and is in spiritual contact with God. Sikhs believe that the divine energy of God can be experienced by man on earth. This is achieved through constant chanting of the Lord's name (Naam Japo / Naam Simran) and spiritual introspection. Sikhs generally use reality as the name of God which cannot be merely mouthed but must be lived in truth.

This book is a list of religious figures of Hinduism , including gurus , saints , monks , yogis, and spiritual leaders.

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Manoj Dole

MANOJ DOLE is an Engineer from reputed University. He is currently working with Government Industrial Training- Institute as a lecturer from last 12 Years. His interest include- Engineering Training Material, Invention & Engineering Practical- Knowledge etc.



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