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Author Name: Gautam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

After the cataclysmic war at Kurukshetra, in the Mahabharata, evil is defeated and Dharma prevails. The victorious guardians of Dharma ascend the throne at Hastinapur. But, their rule also ushers in the Kaliyug, the age of the Demon Kali and an age of Adharma, where power, deceit and ruthlessness rather than honour and Dharma dictate actions. The age we live in. What went wrong? Is the story we know, a one-sided one, viewed through the hackneyed lens of the Pandavas, as decreed by the victors?

Who really are the Pandavas? Are they truly what we know them to be? Did their actions initiate the Kaliyug? Does Vasudev side with the Pandavas because they are on the side of Dharma or because they are in need of Dharma? Are the Kauravas really evil? If they are truly evil, why are honourable men like Devavrath and Drona on their side?

Hastinapur is the untold story of the Kuru clan.

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Gautam served as a cavalry officer in the Indian Army. He has an avid interest in alternative thought and is fascinated with world mythology and religions and their inherent connection with history and the fallout of their intersection with each other. When not researching for his next book he can be found going Zen with his bonsai plants or communing with nature disappearing on solo quests on his motorcycle. He is an amateur artist though his paintings remain limited to the privacy of his home. He is a single parent and the centre of his universe is his daughter Zephorah.

Gautam currently lives in Bangalore. Hastinapur is his first novel.



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