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Healing Voices

Author Name: Sara A. | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is all things known and unknown, I am here to take you through a journey, one that may want you to occasionally release and let go of all elements that are holding you back. Healing is unimaginably transformational.

This poetry compilation expresses from my soul to yours. It follows what most of us witness after a world-crashing emotional downfall. Let’s carry on this journey together, some sections will connect with you. A few may connect with the painful self. And the rest will let you travel to a space with a magical essence, to heal again, to dream again.

One thing certain in life is changes, the truth is everything has a beginning and an end, like chapters from a book; nothing is permanent. Then why do we so often dwell on little moments that leave us in despair?

I think it’s the passion and situational connections that we build time to time, the un-understandable disconnection of them leaves a tremor within. It can be helpful to reflect on the internal shifts you’re facing. Take a deep breath and release trauma from the memory chamber to take that first step to move toward your healing journey. That smile and the dreaming self deserves a comeback.

Don’t let the voices dull down, turn them into a fire that will ignite within you to do right, to choose right, and to stay humble, kind, and mindful of those you are to interact with. Treat the break of dawn, where the sun rises as a moment of infinite opportunities for you to renew yourself once again. Moonfalls will be the marking of new beginnings!

Breathe again in ease. As there are no the ends, Just many more new beginnings...

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Sara A.

In the world of design, Sara A. has carved a niche for herself, crafting unique projects with an impeccable eye for detail, she’s most admired for skilfully blending the classic and the contemporary, in her own refreshing minimal aesthetic style.

She is also an Indian-born, Arab-raised contemporary artist and author who has a deep interest in the hidden myths of the universe and the intricacies of the mind. This passion has manifested in carrying the vibration of curiosity and individuality while crafting melodic mysteries within the journey of her life.

She writes about personal experiences in relationships with self, family, and in love. She believes that sharing the truth is the quickest way to freedom and works to facilitate that in herself and any others who are ready. She is highly motivated in questioning unattended theories and aspects of life; irrespective of how intense the quest gets. Her writing has always been about a simplified expression of that journey. Her artworks have a deep philosophical take to them and often encompass natural subjects from her immediate surroundings.

She’s a big fan of synchronicity and abides by the idea that the Universe sends you “signs” to help guide you to the next step, if for no other reason than it’s just an adventure. The most interesting aspect of synchronicity is that the more you pay attention, the more those signs seem to show up. It’s as if the Universe realizes that you’re “in sync”. She is currently based in her ‘House of Thoughts’ located in UAE, lit with the fire of passion constantly fulfilling dreams.