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Hidden More than a treasure hunt

Author Name: Jia Ann Mathew | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Amy, Judy and Cheryl are triplets adopted by Nicole Theek, a strange widow in her mid-fifties. The three girls grew under her caring wings with all comforts and plenty of love. 

Every summer, she sent her granddaughters on mini-treasure hunts, promising them a grand treasure when they turn fourteen. And when the girls turned fourteen, they did set off for the ultimate treasure.  

But this hunt takes many twists and turns and the journey turns out to be more dangerous than they expected. Soon they realize that the treasure isn’t the only hidden thing!

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Jia Ann Mathew

Hidden is the second book by Jia Ann Mathew. Jia penned her first book, Inside the Mushroom, in the sixth standard when schools remained shut during the pandemic. Jia is now in the eighth standard, and she loves magic, music and mysteries. She plays basketball, and her idea of breaking free is dancing. The second book also belongs to the genre of mystery and adventure. The Theek sisters who are on a mysterious treasure hunt resonate with their life’s journey through their lively banter, much like Jia, who loves to express herself from within, leaving nothing hidden.



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