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HIDDEN SECRETS The Ultimate Solution to the Unsolved Mysteries of God

Author Name: MANISH | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

“This book gives you a formula for a stress-free life.”

-          JAN SAMNA

“An attempt to solve the unsolved mysteries of life.”

-          STATE MEDIA

“A detailed investigation of the hidden secrets of yoga and meditation.”


 “This book explains how to live a tension- free life.”

-          DAINIK SAVERA

The ‘SECRET’ has been hidden for ages and made known only to a select few. Even enlightened saints have tried to hide it. Even though this secret is mentioned in all religious, various sects/ groups patented this Ultimate Truth as their own knowledge & thus unavailable for the common men.

But, the time has come to reveal this secret. In this book, I will reveal “THE SECRET”, based on my own experience of ‘ENLIGHTENMENT’.

This book, which is the first in the series of seven books, will guide you on this uphill task of SELF-REALIZATION, but with easy examples that you can relate to: like a smartphone. I promise you that at the end of this seven-part journey, you can experience God: THE ULTIMATE TRUTH. Precisely speaking, this book is a complete guide for successful materialistic and spiritual life (AWAKENING) and it can answer your all queries.

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Manish is a Yogi, Mystic, and Philosopher by nature and a government officer by profession. He is working with the Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India at the level of Joint Director. He organizes workshops/seminars/webinars on yoga and meditation. He has also worked as a motivational speaker and meditation instructor. He has experienced the Ultimate Truth, the ‘SACCHIDDANANDA’, through highly arduous secret meditational experiments with the help of unknown mystic energies. After self-realization, for almost 17 years, he thoroughly studied and analyzed texts of practically all the religions of the world, Indian and western philosophies, and observed and studied other contemporary enlightened thinkers. Based on his spiritual experiences of ‘Self- Realization,’ he is trying to unveil the ultimate mystery of life through mystical legends and symbols from the perspective of the present scientific era to make it simple for a common man. He is the author of the famous spiritual book “JEEVAN KE ANSULJHE RAHSYA KI KHOJ,” in which he has disclosed the hidden secrets of meditation and enlightenment in a very simple language.



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