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High School Sweethearts

by AJ

Format: Paperback

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AJ is the kind of person you can always see (if you are an Indian that too a south Indian). A mother who warns him not to talk to girls, a sister who is concerned about him. He is the boy trying to keep his relationship a secret and at the same time trying to make it work. The typical Indian love-struck teen.

AJ’s Girl is a perfect Indian girl. Works hard, tries to keep her parents happy, sacrificial and everything which defines a perfect Indian girl (as the older generations have termed it). Many may be wondering, why is the story different?

It is a real story of a guy who falls in love with a girl during his schooling and everything that happens in his life, a romance, a tragedy, a mystery and a lot of love. This could be definitely your high school story too.

Wandering around in a busy book market place to buy my engineering books, I was offered “Walk to remember” book as the shopkeeper want to round off the amount. Never touched it anytime from 2009 to 2010, but one day I opened it and that is the day I decided to write, neither to be famous nor to earn, just to safe guard my memories and so the result is High School Sweet Hearts.

Presently fulfilling my thirst in structural engineering in post graduation, love to hear AR Rahman and love to travel. A simple guy with simple thoughts who kept down his own real life as story, that is all about me.



High School Sweethearts





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