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How to unleash your true potential The true power vests inside you, learn how to unleash it

Author Name: Shivam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

In a fast paced life we are living in right now, we often forget to give ourselves apt time. In a lifestyle hugely driven by rush, it’s quite normal to see people break down slowly. What goes missing? A mentor and a guide who would listen to your problems and help you solve them. We keep looking for that guide in the form of motivational articles, books or speeches and sooner or later it fizzes out. This is where we need to change. We need to understand that we all are a source of infinite potential and there is nothing you should seek outside of yourself to guide you. This book aims to do the same to help you grow inside out. This compilation of various motivational chapters gives a new meaning to various life lessons and how you should deal with it.

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An Aerospace Engineer by profession, Shivam's interest in psychology led him to write and talk about life, happiness, self-love, and success. His two books "How to unleash your true potential" and "Finding the Magic in You" have won many accolades across the globe. 

Shivam is also a personal leadership coach and has helped many unleash their true potential and live a fulfilled life.

Shivam is an alumnus of MIT Manipal and BIT Mesra



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