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If and only If a story

Author Name: Ratin Chhibber | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

'Full of simple truths and delicate insights—

powerful, personal, funny and real...

A must read—today's world in words… yet eternal.'

- Padma Shri Tom Alter

Written in the classic ‘stream of consciousness’ style, If and only If, is an every person’s journey, back to their closet- that they promised to never open… yet yearn to !

So far, Raahi has lived an adventurously intriguing life. Myriad moments and occasions that occur through his journey have forced him to desperately seek the answers hidden cryptically, behind what his destiny has had to offer.

Somewhere deep within him, all of it remains buried until- one day, all that he ever wished for, is- ruthlessly and mysteriously snatched away from him…

His only wish now- To find out Why !

After a reluctant move back to the mystical and quaint town of Khushiganj nestled amidst the green hills, life turns upside down when he breaks his own promise- to never take the walk back to the Temple.

Harrowing questions, shiploads of burning memories, a feeble companion and an old bench-maker are his only allies in this journey now, to discover the truth behind what and why, the Universe conspired… Will he find what he sets out to search ?


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Ratin Chhibber

Born in spring at Wellington, Ratin Chhibber is a hotelier-turned-author of Indian origin. A ‘Past Life Regressionist’, Ratin is also a wildlife and theatre enthusiast who loves to live and travel, like a wanderer.

Being drawn to literature, philosophy and Indian folklore since his formative years, he now likes to spend his spare time researching on afterlife, modern paganism and metaphysical exorcism. He also spends many-a-night happily buried in his coursework of ‘Paranormal Investigator’ certification from the Indian Paranormal Society; one of the myriad ‘must do before I die’ points on his wish list.

A member of Delhi Photography Club, Ratin contributes to his blog and on Scribophile & Writers Café, the online communities for budding writers.

When he is not talking to imaginary storybook characters, Ratin can be caught riding horses or sitting under his favorite plum tree in the hills, lost in thought, silently conversing with the birds and the bees!

Ratin lives in Delhi with his adorable and mischievous Lhasa Apso.

If and only If, is his debut novel.

You can visit him at www.ratinchhibber.net or

drop in a word at ratin@ratinchhibber.net

Ratin Chhibber has already begun writing his second novel.