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Imperfect Metamorphosis Echoes of the Uncalm Mind

Author Name: Ishaan Nag | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

It is no shame in admitting, after bidding adieu to a whole year and one grade, my creations have surely matured. From the larva of an amateurish understanding of what poetry is, beyond mere rhyming words, I consider this collection to be a memoir of my metamorphosis into a pupa. Still not the march to the highest level, it is all about the journey, the metamorphosis. I was previously awestruck by emotions from a distance, and now, I seek to comment on the nature of these emotions, adopt them, and then - weave them into poetry. Some preachy, some genuine. some chaotic, some in order - All imperfect. This is an ode to imperfect metamorphosis.

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Ishaan Nag

Ishaan Nag is a 10thgrade student and is publishing his second poetry book. Ever since the tender age of 9, he took to poetry to pen his thoughts, understanding of daily life and strived to express the emotions his young mind felt. His journey continues and as his thoughts have started to mature, his second endeavour is of a little different shade of portrayal of conflicts, dreams, real and surreal world. He has no formal training in any creative writing or poetry in particular and this collection is truly what had come to his mind. Ishaan is a voracious reader with a keen interest in today’s socio-economic and political world. He takes a huge interest in analysing reasons for an event, the fallout of the event and its prognosis. He aspires to contribute to the betterment of societies through changes in thought, policies and implementation. Along with his keenness to delve deep into international politics and economics, his passion for English and other foreign languages continues to grow.



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