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Invincible Mother

Author Name: Veeta Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

She is a caretaker, a provider, a giver, her heart keeps missing a beat and often for us. She forsakes her life, her personal desires, her ambitions and retorts to a life of being taken for granted. She gets invisible, unseen, unheard, neglected, ignored and unloved but she doesn’t complain because she is a Mother!

 As a natural response without feeling obligated, we need to come alive to her unfulfilled and ignored needs & desires by being obedient, respectful, caring and loving. Let us, by sharing moments of joy, by providing her security, by giving her life of dignity and by keeping her in our daily prayers, express our gratitude to ‘The Invincible Mother.’


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Veeta Singh

Veeta Singh born to Mrs Pramjit Shrivastava & Mr R N Shrivastava grew up with her two brothers Gaurav & Rahul- very protected, loved and cared, which made her indebted to her ever loving family and perhaps relationships contribute to her enormous strength and at the same time her worst fears. Life for her is to be lived to the fullest and to its best as she calls her life moments- Dolceveeta- Beautiful life!

Veeta is a hospitality professional, an aluminous of IHM Bhubaneshwar, class of 1989 and has dedicated her life to the Hospitality Industry. She started her professional career with the Taj Group of Hotels and switched over to ITDC where she got opportunity to work for the country by being a part of major international events , conferences & even Common Wealth Games . Presently she is posted in The Ashok Hotel Delhi.

Veeta is a Doodle artist and loves to express her innate feelings through her simple but expressive art which catches a lot of attention as it is easy to connect and is picked up  from day to day situations. The doodles in the book are her own creations which speak volumes about the subject and sometimes even more than the words. Her works can be seen in the three books written by her- Pakistani safar e zaika, Sojourn & The Ism.

Veeta loves to travel and capture her memories in her camera to visit back to the moments repeatedly. She has travelled across the continents to add to her experience and source inspiration for her future projects. She loves to challenge her wits by taking to sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting, paragliding, hot air ballooning, dessert safaris  and ATV adventures . She expresses herself through her podcast- Dolceveeta where you find her telling stories from different genre.

She believes in giving back- she runs an NGO- Globalfighters and is a Secretary to RWA where she contributes her ideas , thoughts and time to improve the surroundings for a better living. She was crowned Mrs Delhi NCR in 2012 and was a finalist in Gladrags. She was also the Delhi’s ‘Best Home Chef’ and featured in reality show- ‘ Rice to Riches’. She has judged beauty pageants and cookery competitions organized by CoWI and Delhi University.

She lives in Delhi with college sweet heart, now her husband Mr Manoj Kumar who is a hotelier turned Entreprenure running hospitality business in the name of Pratham Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd. Her daughter, interior designer by professional education is presently flying  to expand her horizons and her son is pursuing his professional course in culinary as he aspires to be a Chef.

She strongly believes – Life is a journey- not destination- Enjoy!


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