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Iterum Tales of Mystic Metamorphoses

Author Name: Yashaswini Balasubramanyam | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

When reality becomes unimaginable, the unimaginable becomes real. 

Iterum is a collection of eight magical short stories and seven little somethings. 

The tales come to life, when everyday characters stuck in quagmires of life, make the acquaintance of eccentric beings including a jury of spectacled Albino Pigeons, a man who claims to be a dinosaur, a distressed little soul, a maid’s inquisitive son, a bossy turquoise tortoise, a virtuoso in the window across the street, a ghost with a lisp, and a chatty dying puppeteer. 

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Yashaswini Balasubramanyam

Yashaswini Balasubramanyam hails from the bustling city of Chennai. Having always been surrounded by a rich tapestry of narratives, she has been a lover of stories since she was young. She believes that life is a never-ending source of inspiration and that there are countless stories waiting to be told.

“One only needs to look around to watch the world turn into a canvas brimming with vibrant stories.”, she says.

This first book represents the fruition of a lifelong dream and the beginning of a journey that she hopes will touch the hearts of her readers. In her stories, she blends reality with the surreal, inviting readers to take a journey into a world of endless possibilities. She is working on her next book and is eager to share her perspective with the world again.



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