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by Akansha Panwar

Format: Paperback

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Lingen, Germany, 2033:

Taylor wasn’t just another regular kid in his town. He was a misfit in the crowd and was often criticized. The innocent-boy-turned-bully is a cause of concern for his mother, Helena, and his older sister, Ellen. They fear that he is going to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a criminal and end up behind bars. In pursuit for a purpose, Taylor finds himself having a hand in some terrible crimes. Unable to face his mother, he runs away. His objective: to find the man who ruined his life and kill him. He makes some new friends, but he constantly fears that they will find out his crimes and who he really is.

Will he get the revenge he had planned? Will his new friends forgive his crimes and still treat him the same? 

Akansha Panwar was born on the 10th of March, 1997 in Calcutta, West Bengal. She currently lives with her family in the city of Bangalore. An avid reader by nature, Akansha is also a huge fan of Heavy Metal music and Anime and is a Die Hard fan of Greenday and Breaking Benjamin. She is a lover of nature, and is especially fond of Dogs. Akansha has studied in Bishop Cotton Girls' School, where she has spent most of her glorious years of childhood. She took up writing as a hobby at an early age and took it to the next level by writing her first novel, "Jager" after completing her time in school. She hopes to continue her career as a writer.








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