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(Know )No Laws of Parenting Levitate your inner parent

Author Name: Tapaswinee Hota Choudhary | Format: Paperback | Genre : Families & Relationships | Other Details

If we envision parenting as a TREE I would name this book as resilient tree, this book as a tree, firmly rooted in tradition, its branches swaying with modernity's breeze. Its core principles are the sturdy trunk, offering unwavering strength, reaching out like branches, whispering open communication, emotional intelligence, culture, adaptability, and independence. Deep roots, like traditions, form a profound connection. Together, they create a rich forest where families thrive, like undressing leaves, shedding doubts, and embracing the sun.

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Tapaswinee Hota Choudhary

In the journey of life, just as the seasons change, so does the art of skilful living. Meet Tapaswinee Hota Choudhary, an NLP Trainer and Resilient Parenting Coach. Much like a skilled gardener tending to her garden through the ever-shifting seasons, she nurtures the growth of parents and their little saplings. A mother of two souls herself, Tapaswinee understands that parenting, like the seasons, requires adaptability and resilience.

Join her on this transformative journey through the pages of “Know No Laws of Parenting”, where you'll discover the wisdom to thrive as a parent in every season of life.

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